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What are you waiting for? Step inside and enjoy the sales!


       Discount Utopia was created by a team of shoppers who love sales.  We have a lot of experience searching for the best deals and coupons at malls, department stores, electronics stores, fashion stores, grocery stores even Online stores.


       Clearance sales, deals and coupons are our specialty. After talking to many people who couldn't believe some of the deals we were taking advantage of, we realized that we had to share the great deals we found with everyone else!


       So here we are.  We have built this website together to show you all of the hottest deals, clearance sales, coupons, promo codes and cheapest prices at our favorite stores.  It takes a lot of work to find so many deals, but we feel that, with the economy in recession and so many left jobless, shopping for deals, coupons and cheap prices are the only way we may be able to afford the designer clothes, awesome electronics, fun video games, vacation packages and other things we enjoy.


       Some websites have a huge database of stores and give you coupons for the store when you search for it. They are great if you know exactly what you want, but it isn't easy to think of all your favorite stores on the spot to search for their discounts. Discount Utopia is like browsing through a mall shopping the sale section of your favorite stores with extra info on coupons, clearance events and deals to save you even more money!


       We hope you enjoy your visit.  If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make your next visit more comfortable just let us know.  Thank you very much for stopping by!

Discount Utopia Mall Designer Brands Clearance Prices




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